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There are surely no cattle as cute and cuddly as the Scottish Highland Cattle breed, but there’s much much more to these “hairy beasties” than just a pretty face.

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Highland Steers at the base of the Australian Alps - Photo: Ron  & Dot Barker

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Last updated 4th October 2015

Have you considered steers for your property?

Many people underestimate how quiet the males in this breed can be.  Steers tend to be the quietest of them all as can be seen in the photos below.  One of our customers kindly shared these pictures only weeks after purchasing these two young steers from Cruachan Highland Cattle.  Patience goes a long way.

However, it goes without saying that they are cattle and grow into big animals and caution should always be excersised when handling them.

Look  at Teddy


Quiet as my teddy bear

Carcass Traits  The most important feature in any beef breed.

No Ifs, Just BUTT

General Information

Frame Scoring

General Evaluation of Cattle Traits

Embryo Transfer

Scotia and Florag Dubh

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Feature Articles

These articles feature Hamish of Cruachan who was originally bred by Cruachan Highland Cattle and has gone on to bigger and better things ...

Claremont Fold, Clunes, Victoria

Abberley Fold, South Canterbury, New Zealand

These articles are for the Highland Cattle enthusiast ... there is something to be gleaned from each of them.

Childhood Memories

Long Haired Highlanders

Highland Cattle for Thrift and Profit

Highland Cattle in 1919

Manyberries Experiment

Monarch of the But ‘n Ben

Yon Bonnie Canny Kine

Scotch Highlanders

Explaining the Genetics of Crop Ear

A Grand Old Lady

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Silver Dun (grey) Steer

Calves at the dam

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